It’s Official: Google Pixel 4 Is Hideous [Updated]

It’s Official: Google Pixel 4 Is Hideous [Updated]
Image: Made By Google

Google’s Pixel smartphone series is known for its software rather than its sleek designs. Their upcoming Pixel 4 seems to be no exception. Which is a polite way of saying it looks like a dead dog’s arse.

The Pixel 4 is due sometime this year and, according to a leak from Slashleaks, it’s bringing back the bezel (which this author isn’t mad about.)

Google Is Bringing Back The Phone Bezel (But Maybe That's A Good Thing?)

We are in full rumour mode in the lead up to the release of Google's Pixel 4 and as always, there's a leak causing a stir. This time, it's not a headphone jack-less design or a missing microSD slot. No, it's even more shocking. It's the return of the bezel.

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Last week, an official digital render from Google showed a big black chassis with a camera notch up the top. Again, something not that bad.

But like this tweet, that optimism didn’t age well.

Look, we don’t want to be judgemental but the leaked images show the Pixel 4 IRL and it’s pretty bloody hideous, bezel or not.

We are not alone in feeling this way. The internet is equally as disappointed.

Let’s just hope this latest leak isn’t as real as it appears to be. If it is, well, at least the camera’s going to be great?

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Update: 9To5Google has published another leaked photo of what it claims is the Pixel 4 in the wild. (Check it out here.) Unfortunately, a phone case makes it difficult to see much – but there are four holes in the case which suggests the camera reports are accurate.

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  • The back with that massive hump of cameras is a turn-off, can’t see a fingerprint scanner which is a big turn off so this is one I’m definitely waiting on the final product and what mkbhd says about it.

  • I’m confused, what’s so bad about it? No notch, no curved screen (I’ve always hated curved screens), and small bezels like that are not a bad thing, it means you can hold the phone without actually covering the screen. It’s not like they are huge and destroy all your screen real estate.

    The only thing that’s a bit questionable is the big camera lump on the back.

    • I agree 100% with you. The camera hump is the only thing that looks “ugly”, and realistically a lot of people put a phone in a case. At which point even that is a non-event since the case is going to be “uglier” than the phone.

  • Most people are going to put a case on it, so won’t even notice the camera (which looks near identical to the leaked next iPhone camera that people don’t seem to care about too…).
    A smallish bezel is 100% better than a notch. This thing looks way better than the Pixel 3 XL.

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