• Everything We Know About Google Pixel 4

    We’re still more than two weeks away from the official Google Pixel 4 launch but she’s been a very leaky ship. There’s been a bunch of promising leaks, some of which have already turned out to be true, so let’s round them all up to see what’s most likely in store for Pixel fans.

  • Everything We Know About Google’s New Pixel Phone

    There have been rumours for a while now that Google has been planning to release an all new Pixel 3 smartphone pitched at people looking for a lower-cost alternative to its flagship handsets. It now looks like those rumours are confirmed following leaks corroborated by references in the Android Q beta source code.

  • Report: The Samsung Galaxy S10’s Camera Looks Fearsomely Good

    It’s definitely rumour o’clock at Samsung head office. Hours after the lens hole had been leaked, a case maker has revealed that the Galaxy S10 will receive a multi camera array with up to four different lenses on the back. And a “legacy” port most companies are ditching is sticking around. Here’s what we know.