Catch Is Having A Sale On Cool Power Gear

Catch Is Having A Sale On Cool Power Gear
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If the area behind your monitor or under your desk is a rat’s nest of cables, you could look at some smarter power solutions to help manage the tangle. The right products can help you avoid the need to use a stack of USB chargers as well. Catch has a stack of compact power solutions to help clear the tangle.

Catch has a bunch of power solutions that look great and help tame the power cable beast.

Here are some of the highlights

A Gamer's Guide To Cable Management

I bet you own a few cords. You might have so many cords that they burst out behind your TV stand or below your desk. Play video games for any length of time and you'll acquire all sorts of cords you don't know what to do with. For just a few bucks you can rein that mess in though and make some sense of the cyberpunk sprawl lurking behind your TV or monitor.

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  • I have a couple of these power cubes at home, and they’re really handy, as long as you don’t fill them up (it gets a bit awkward if you try and fill every hole)
    By the way, the Safemore 3-outlet stacker links to a dashcam. Might want to fix that.

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