Dealhacker: Cheap Power Cubes And Towers From Catch

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Power boards can get clogged up with poorly designed plugs that spread over multiple sockets. Powercubes are an alternative that don’t suffer that problem and you can stock up on them now with Catch’s sale.

Catch is having a sale on powercubes right now that will help you tackle the vicious scourge of plug spreading. There’s probably a joke about Transformers and the AllSpark to be made too.

You can view the full sale here.

[referenced url=”” thumb=”×231.jpg” title=”The PowerCube Is A Compact, Modular Alternative To Bulky Power Strips” excerpt=”Power strip are a large, awkward, and difficult if you need to use your gadgets while you charge them. The PowerCube ditches the bulk, and gives you plenty of outlets in a compact package, making it easy to plug in your devices while you use them around the house. Here’s why I love it, and why I think you will, too.”]


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