McDonald's Launches All Day Menu

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You no longer need to wait until mid morning for your Big Mac fix. From today, McDonald's most popular menu items are available to purchase 24/7.

Big Macs, Quarter Pounders, Cheeseburgers, Chicken McNuggets and French Fries can now be purchased around the clock at Macca's restaurants nationwide. The food will be available in restaurant, drive-thru and via McDelivery.

Previously, only McDonald's breakfast products could be purchased prior to 10:30am. The rollout follows a successful trial in Victoria and South Australia earlier in the year. (Meanwhile, Hungry Jack's has offered an all-day menu for some years now.)

On the downside, you can only get the aforementioned food items - McDonald's approximately 13 Fillet-O-Fish fans (I'm one of them) will still need to wait until 10:30am.


    Okay. If recommending junk food is a good idea for life, then this is a life hack.

      I fail to see where lifehacker recommends you eat McDonalds.

      Its only making people aware of this menu change.

      Last edited 08/08/18 5:37 pm

        It is the implied speech act. I won't go into a textual analysis of the article or giving a linguistics lesson. McDonald's is not worth my time.

          McDonald's is not worth my time.

          Then why did you comment?

            Worth pointing out.. McDonald's is not a life hack.

            Not worth doing.. a textual analysis and explaining speech act theory in the context of McDonald's.

            It is bad food with horrible environmental credentials and needs no legitimising.

            Looking forward to your next installment.

              Im not wasting my time time. You are wasting your time having a sooky la la over fast food.

              Grow up and get a life. Let others live theirs how they want.

                "Grow up and get a life." Yep, your maturity is on show.

                I'm sorry that I create cognitive dissonance in your worldview.

                Last edited 12/08/18 9:57 pm

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