Abandon All Hope: McDonald's Now Delivers

Customers in select parts of Victoria, Queensland, NSW and Western Australia will soon be able to have McDonald's delivered to their front door, with the rest of the country expected to follow once the trial has run its course. Could these be the end times?

For the past few months, McDonald's has been quietly trialing a home delivery service in Sydney's North Parramatta via a partnership with online home delivery service MenuLog. Customers order directly through the third-party web app, with a minimum delivery of $25.

According to MenuLog's customer data, the McDonald's menu swiftly became the most popular home delivery option for the North Parramatta post code; beating out more traditional delivery fare like pizza and Chinese. Now, the service has been expanded to six more Sydney suburbs, with Victorian, Queensland and Western Australian trials slated to begin this month.

"Australians have enjoyed the convenience of restaurant home delivery for decades and our customers have often said they like the idea of delivery so we're currently trialling it in a number of our restaurants," McDonald's said in a statement. The fast food giant also confirmed that it would be looking to extend the service once these trials are completed.

The concept of home delivered McDonald's seems odd in Australia, but the practice is already up and running in various countries around the globe, including the US. So does anyone think this is a terrible idea that will exacerbate Australia's obesity epidemic? Or is it basically no different to the convenience of drive-through? Share your thoughts in the comments.

McDonald's home delivery takes off across Australia [Good Food]


    About time. Thailand has had this service for ages.

    Interestingly its not a 24/7 or even a 12 hour delivery period thing... At least at north parra, its from 5pm until 9pm I think

    Oh dear god, the apocalypse is nigh. It's not a bad idea though, how many times i've been drinking at home and had a hankering for maccas but too drunk to drive. I doubt every store will have this service.

      think of it this way, imagine the people who would drive anyway, now they dont have to, they have reduced the number of drink drivers on the roads

    Why people still eating these crap foods even after the recent scandal that McDonald’s has been using expired and moulded meats????? Their sales already dropped by %17 due to it...

      people pay top dollar for aged meat at restaurants

      Thats chinese suppliers for the American McDonalds, MCD Australia doesn't get its beef from foreign sources

        This is why I don't watch Current Affairs. This and the pink slime scandal... Australia's food standards are pretty amazing, and just because it's not healthy for you doesn't mean it doesn't come from decent sources.

          Yeah, thats the other thing pink slime has been illegal in australia for a long time, they just stopped using it in america recently

      Because we know the correct placement of the "%" symbol, and aren't taken in by the rubbish spread by ACA?

      Because that isn't the case in Australia. Australia has very tough food regulations. We pay more to cover the business costs, but it's worth it.

    How the hell are the frys going to stay hot. those things are cold by the time I've walked back to the car

      Is it a 20 minute walk to your car from Macca's or something? I've had drive-thru on plenty of occasions and the fries are never "cold" by the time I get home.

        its a 45km drive to nearest town with Mc Donalds for me. Only Nowra and Ulladulla have Maccas and KFC in Shoalhaven

    They have McDonalds delivery here in Tokyo, I've seen the dude riding around (wearing standard maccas uniform but riding on a delivery scooter) but never tried it. I've got three within walking distance and even I'm not that lazy.

      Ive even seen them deliver from one maccas restaurant to another down the road...

      Last edited 06/08/14 2:13 pm

    Sundays just got a whole lot easier

    Anyone else find it super ironic the original article is from the site "GoodFood.com.au"

      Not as ironic as churches that talk about gays and prostitutes constantly

    TBH it is probably quicker for me to drive to the nearest we have (no more than a 5 min drive) than to get it ordered.

      That's the case with every delivery service. They still have to come to your house, and they could have other stops on the way. Always much quicker to drive there yourself and pick it up. Home delivery is handy for people that don't have a car (or that lost their license).

    Hungover/"still drunk from the night before" me, really likes this idea. Sober and feeling fit and healthy me finds it disgusting and stomach turning to think about.

    Get it going for weekend lunches and you'll have a winner in my mind!

    Watch them get fatter and sicker. The obesity epidemic will really take off again.

    Probably handy for families that have kids to look after and don't want to pack them all into a car for a fatty maccas treat.

    There's going to be a lot more fatter and unhealthier people in the world if this takes off and it probably will. I feel sorry for humanity for constantly poisoning them selves with this artificial food.

    I'm surprised McDonalds is using a 3rd party company (Menulog) to delver the service. I thought they'd have their own delivery service.

    Why isn't anyone asking the big question here? What are the 6 locations..

      Stanmore, Mascot, Kingsford, Northmead, Rosehill and Waterloo (with more to come)

        Just thought I would give a heads up, it's actually Westmead Mcdonalds that does the delivery, not northmead.

    The fat and unhealthy might become slightly fatter and unhealthier but that's about it. If you don't or rarely eat McDonalds then this service will have no effect on you.

    I'd argue that ordering Maccas (delivery or not) is actually HEALTHIER than some of the other takeaway options around. A burger and fries would have less colories than a meaty cheesy dominos pizza, or a large chips from a local chicken shop (they always seems to serve up about half a kilo of potatoes in a large.)

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