TrackMyMacca's Is A Half-Baked McDonald's App

iOS: If you're going to indulge in McDonald's occasionally, it helps to know the nutritional information for what you're ordering. TrackMyMacca's is an iOS app that offers some insights into where McDonald's sources ingredients for some of its products. It's an OK idea but badly executed and ultimately not much use.

McDonald's does make nutrition information available on its web site, but it's annoyingly stored in a PDF and doesn't always have current menu additions. From that perspective, an app makes sense, though offering Android as well would be wise and letting you search for data would seem obvious.

That's not what happens here. The app doesn't cover the full menu or let you make informed decisions: it only offers information on the McChicken, Big Mac, Filet-O-Fish, French Fries, or Chicken McNuggets. To access that data, you need to scan a special code on the box — which means you've already purchased the product. Augmented reality data (such as the current location) is also incorporated. That's assuming you can run it at all; on my test device, the app never got past the loading screen.

TrackMyMacca's is only available to download until June 30 this year. Frankly, I wouldn't bother.

TrackMyMaccas [iTunes App Store]


    My first reaction to this article was: seriously? An article about an app you wouldn't recommend?

    It wasn't until I followed the link that I realised that this is an "Official" App from McDonalds Australia. This didn't come across well. Maybe the title should have been "Maccas Releases App: I'm Not Lovin' It"

    ...Wait - this just tracked my Big Mac back to Randwick Racecourse. Is that right?

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