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Are you planning to head to McDonald's for a cheeky Big Mac this arvo? You might want to run your eyes over this infographic first - it explains all the ways an Aussie Big Mac affects your body one hour after scoffing it down. (Surprise, surprise: It turns out they aren't particularly good for you.)


It's not a Hallmark holiday, but it is an important note on any calendar. Today is "International Burger Day". To celebrate, you can score a Big Mac for free from your local Macca's from 11am. Here's how to grab it.


There are no shortage of DIY Big Mac recipes on the internet: we've even published a few of our own. However, most of these guides contain a fair amount of guesswork and/or hearsay. To make your Big Mac as close to the real thing as possible, you need this video from Macca's executive chef Dan Coudreaut: it explains the entire process, from making your own "special sauce" to final assembly.


Making Big Macs at home just got a whole lot easier with the launch of bottled Special Sauce. For a limited time, McDonald's is selling its famously tangy condiment in 500ml plastic squeeze bottles for $4.95. However, it's only being offered at select outlets for one day only. Here's where you can snap it up.