Unfollow Your Annoying Facebook Friends With Abandon

Unfollow Your Annoying Facebook Friends With Abandon

When we last rounded up our staff’s Weekly Upgrades, our editors were updating their skincare routines, diving feet first into the holiday spirit, and re-visiting long lost hobbies.

This week, we’re experimenting with new creative routines, re-examining our retirement plans, clearing social media clutter, and making time for mental health.

What upgrades did you make this week? Let us know in the comments.


Expand your streaming options

I recently started switching from Spotify to Apple Music, so I could listen to my streaming and owned music all in iTunes. (It’s technically possible on Spotify, but it’s hacky.) I can’t say I actually recommend it yet, but I really missed my old music! Still, all my friends are on Spotify, sharing good playlists, so I might… keep both? Like I’m some kind of sultan?

Nick Douglas, Staff Writer


Invest in your morning coffee ritual

The Nespresso (mini) is my upgrade! I only drink one cup of coffee per day, am very lazy, and prefer espresso to coffee (acid reasons) so this single-serve, ready-in-mere-moments situation is ideal for me. It’s also very small, which is great because my counters are overrun with sous-vide circulators.

Claire Lower, Food & Beverage Editor


Do a financial favour for your future self

This week I increased my retirement contributions by two per cent. Initially it was going to be one per cent but I figured why not up it to two per cent and see if I can live comfortably that way. A new job/new year seems just as good a time as any to start saving more for retirement.

Alicia Adamczyk, Staff Writer


Bundle up with touchscreen gloves

I got some fancy-looking leather gloves with cashmere lining that are touchscreen capable because I’ll be in NYC for almost two weeks and, well, it’s cold as hell there.

Patrick Allan, Staff Writer


Unfollow your worst Facebook friends

I stopped fearing the “Unfollow” button on Facebook. My feed now has less drama and daily rants that make me feel all twitchy.

Michelle Woo, Parenting Editor


Double down on holiday self-care

I’m not sure if this is quite an upgrade, but I recently made the decision to shell out for an extra therapy session ahead of holiday travel. It’s expensive (my therapist is out-of-network, unfortunately), but it’s really easy to forget to take care of myself in the holiday rush, so setting aside some extra time to keep my head on straight seemed well worth it.

Virginia K. Smith, Managing Editor


Set yourself up for artistic sucess

Inspired by Jaime’s endorsement of morning pages, I started reading The Artist’s Way. I don’t totally identify with the idea of being a “blocked” artist, but I’m looking forward to seeing what happens if I go through the tasks in the book. Next up: Taking myself for an “artist date” someplace interesting – I have my eye on the Center for PostNatural History.

Beth Skwarecki, Health Editor


Get a business card case worth carrying

If your career involves a bit of networking or social interaction with colleagues and clients, you might have a few beat-up business cards stuffed in your wallet, ready to hand out new people before you give away all two of them. After spending years apologising for not having enough cards, I decided enough was enough. No longer would I carry my business cards in my wallet, where they’d end up a little worse for wear by the time I handed them out. I got a pair of sleek stainless steel business card cases from home goods store Muji. Each case holds 25 cards, more than enough for whatever engagement I’m attending. I keep one case at home and one in the office, just to ensure I’m prepared to share my contact information the old-fashioned way (in case you couldn’t tell, I don’t like handing people my phone).

Patrick Austin, Staff Writer


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