KFC’s ‘Bucket For One’ Has 21 Pieces Of Chicken

KFC’s ‘Bucket For One’ Has 21 Pieces Of Chicken
Image: KFC

Last night, I was perusing KFC Australia’s online menu for potential Takeaway Truths when I stumbled across something that frightened me. Under ‘Menu For One’, KFC lists a chicken bucket. It comprises 21 pieces of Original Recipe totalling 18,853 kilojoules. What the hell, KFC?

Upon discovering this artery and colon worrying anomaly, I retraced my steps on the website to make sure I hadn’t accidentally clicked on the ‘Menu For Sharing’ section. But no. The bucket of 21 chicken pieces is right there on KFC’s ‘Menu For One’ page.

For the curious, here’s the nutritional information as it appears on KFC’s website:

KFC’s ‘Bucket For One’ Has 21 Pieces Of Chicken

Drink in those stats. By placing this bucket on its ‘Menu For One’ page, KFC seems to be suggesting that 18853kJ of energy, 59.6g of saturated fat and 9483mg of sodium is acceptable for one person to consume in a single sitting.

Meanwhile, Australian health bodies recommend an average intake of 8700 kilojoules of energy, 16 grams of saturated fat and 460–920 milligrams of sodium per day. The bad boy above provides up to 20 times the recommended daily amount in each category.

Now, we’re pretty sure someone at KFC stuffed up their website layout. There’s just no way this is supposed to appear on the Menu For One section. Nevertheless, it’s not a good look for KFC – particularly given the bad press surrounding fast food and its links to obesity and heart disease.

We wouldn’t be surprised if the KFC Bucket quietly disappears from the website’s Menu For One section over the next few days. It never should have been there in the first place.

Whatever happens, it goes without saying that eating 21 pieces of KFC by yourself is a very bad idea. If you enjoy fast food and want to lessen the arterial damage, consider these “healthy/” fast food hacks instead!


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