How To Score KFC’s Secret Chicken Nugget Burger

How To Score KFC’s Secret Chicken Nugget Burger
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During my misspent youth, I was known to drunkenly pile nuggets into a chicken burger at the KFC outside Penrith Panthers Leagues Club. KFC was clearly spying on me and now they’ve stolen my idea!

But seriously. KFC is selling a new chicken nugget burger comprising chicken nuggets (natch), an Original Recipe Fillet, cheese and supercharged sauce on a regular bun. It’s called ‘The Nug-A-Lot’ (no relation to Sir Mix-A-Lot, probably) and it’s only available on KFC’s secret menu.

What’s KFC’s secret menu, I hear you ask? In short, it’s an ingenuously evil way to make people sign up to KFC’s online ordering app.

To access the menu, simply download the KFC App, select ‘Order’ and swipe down on the menu until a cartoon Colonel Sanders appears. Keep holding down and the Secret Menu will present itself. (You can find more information here.)

How To Access KFC's Secret Menu

Secret menus are pretty awesome. You get access to tasty morsels most people don't realise exist, making you part of a culinary illuminati. KFC has a secret menu. As well as the The Nug-a-Lot, there's an entire menu of secret goodness. Here's how to access that menu and join KFC's secret society.

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The Nug-A-Lot is available in a meal for $8.95. You’re basically getting the nuggs for free, so that’s not a bad deal.

Now let’s all commemorate the occasion with a little Baby Got Back:



  • Thirty-something years ago, a friend who managed a KFC store told me about the “staff only” item, the “Nugget Burger” that became my late-night fave.

    Now I can get one via my phone. Isn’t progress wonderful?

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