New Gmail For iOS Supports Non-Google Accounts

Google has updated their iOS email client to support the new screen resolution and aspect ratio of the iPhone X and added support for third-party email services. This overcomes a longstanding problem as Google recognises that they aren't the only email provider on the planet.

The updated iOS app lets you add email accounts from any IMAP service as well as iCloud, Outlook (including Hotmail and Live), Office365 and Yahoo. However, it still lacks a unified inbox - a feature I rely on in the default Mail app as I have several email accounts to manage. The reset of the UI looks exactly the same as before, just a little taller with a cutout for the iPhone X's camera and speaker arrangement.

With GMail having over a billion active users and 20% of the global email client market according to some recent data, this update is welcome. After all, while a 20% market share is solid, there are about four billion non-Google email accounts out there that need a place to live.

Gmail for iOS is available from the App Store now.


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