Gmail For iOS Gets A New Look And Supports Multiple Accounts

iOS: Gmail for iPhone and iPad has just received a major update. The look and feel of the entire app has changed, and it brings a few handy new features.

We've never been impressed by Google's official Gmail app, but the new update makes some big improvements. It feels a little less like a web app now and more like an app that belongs on the iPhone, with smooth transitions and animations between windows. Plus it finally supports multiple accounts, so serious email users can actually give it a shot.

It still isn't perfect though: the message view seems weirdly inefficient, since Google has apparently decided to stick with this whole "cards" theme. And the app still tries to emulate the look and feel of Gmail on the web. Still, if you're a heavy Gmail user, the official offering is finally a viable alternative to Sparrow and the built-in Mail app, so head on over to the App Store and check it out.

The Gmail App for iPhone and iPad: Version 2.0 [Official Gmail Blog]


    It seems to have been withdrawn from the store within minutes of Gmail posting to its blog. It's almost a replay of its release in November last year. Big announcement and then almost immediate withdrawal.

    Last edited 05/12/12 9:49 am

      Updated to the new version on my phone just fine a minute ago

        Australia may have benefited from being late to the iTunes store release party. There were web and twitter reports of it missing around the world and "no longer available" messages from the device such as I experienced. My update finally became available hours later.

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