20 Overnights Oats Recipes That Are Easy And Delicious [Infographic]

20 Overnights Oats Recipes That Are Easy And Delicious [Infographic]
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Managing Editor of Lifehacker, Mark Serrels, has probably put more oats into his body than should be physically possible. He swears by the stuff. I always thought that the preparation time was just a little too much for me. However, after reading this guide, I am beginning to consider oats as great breakfast option.

Courtesy of TitleMax, and via one-stop awesome infographic shop r/coolguides, comes this infographic detailing the six step process to making an easy, delicious oat-filled breakfast.

Basically, you want to fill a container with oats, pour in your milk and then add the ingredients you want. Once you’ve let that mixture sit overnight (the infographic suggests four hours for rolled oats and 12 hours for steel cut), take it out in the morning, add another dash of milk and you’re on your way. You can either eat straight from the container or you can warm up the oats so your early morning feels like a hug.

While these recipes don’t seem particularly healthy – Chocolate Peanut Butter anyone? – this will give you a solid headstart on some easy recipes. Substitute ingredients as you see fit! For the more basic of us, there’s the Pumpkin Spice recipe, and if you’re really going to indulge that sweet tooth then take a look at the Cookie Dough recipe!

Image: TitleMax


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