Photo: Claire Lower

Add ‘Nduja to Your Grits

Haters (people from New England) have said that grits are too “mushy,” but mush can be a glorious thing. Sometimes you don’t need texture or contrast; sometimes you just need something that’s warm, delicious, and scoopable. Sometimes (mornings), you don’t want to chew that hard.

Photo: Claire Lower

You Should Put Onion Rings on Your Breakfast Sandwich

With the exception of bacon, the most common breakfast sandwich ingredients — eggs, cheese, sausage and ham — are quite soft. One can add textural contrast by toasting the bread (or adding hash browns or bacon). Or you could do all of that, and also add crispy, golden onion rings.

Photo: Claire Lower

We’re Waffling Egg Rolls for Breakfast, Because Why Not

To me, the lines between “breakfast,” “lunch,” and “dinner” have always been blurry. Mealtimes are, after all, constructs created to fit the needs of the people, and they vary greatly from culture to culture. The Romans didn’t eat breakfast, and the British have an elaborate “tea” system I have yet…