Why You Should Order 'Double Cut' Pizza For Your Next Party

Pizza parties are arguably the best type of parties, bringing joy to everyone young and old. To get the most mileage out of the pizzas you order for your next shindig, ask your local parlor to "double cut" them.

Photo by Nathanael Coyne.

If you've never heard of "double cutting" before, don't worry, your pizza joint has, and it's a pretty simple premise. The pizza is simply cut twice as much, resulting in twice as many slices. This is great for a kid's party - because children have tiny hands and sometimes tiny appetites - but it's also great for grownups due to that little spice of life known as "variety." Who wants to choose between having one more large slice of pepperoni-sausage-mushroom or one more large slice of Hawaiian when you can have a smaller slice of each? Nobody, that's who.

The One Thing You Should Ask for When Throwing a Kids' Pizza Party [The Kitchn]


    As someone who currently works at a pizza outlet. If you want to order for parties. Dont order round pizzas. Order rectangle pizzas if your local shop can produce them. Much easier to share and much easier to cut into more pieces for sharing.

      I find the middle slices awkward to pickup without the crust to grab a hold of

    I should ask for this on the rare occasion I get pizza as I struggle eating 3 slices of normal cut size, 2 isn't enough to fill me and I usually only eat half of the 3rd slice.

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