Get Your Pizza Uncut To Avoid Fallen Toppings

Have you ever ordered a pizza, only to open it up, grab a slice and create an instant mess of fallen cheese and toppings? Redditor squigglychicken discovered a solution to keeping everything together: cut it yourself at home.

Image: Robert Duncan.

I don't fancy myself the most knowledgeable of pizzaologists, but over at Reddit, they've figured out that this disaster of toppings happens when the pizza gets cut too soon out of the oven. Because nothing has had a chance to set and cool, the cheese isn't getting cut effectively, meaning the pizza doesn't have a well-defined set of slices by the time it gets to you.

So, if you have a favourite pizza place that suffers from this problem, just order your pizzas whole and cut them yourself at home. Everything should stay together and your pizza will be a lot easier to eat. Hit the link to read more.

Try this trick the next time you order pizza for delivery [Reddit]


    I guess this is very important nerd news, nothing better then pizza and gaming. :)

    Why would you order it whole? Couldnt you just recut it when you get it home if it was such an issue? Pointless article.

      What? Did you even read the article? Everyone orders pizza whole. And recutting it when you get it home is exactly what they're proposing. Pointless comment. Learn to read, and learn some manners.

        This Lifehacker article says to order it whole. Did YOU read the article?

          People.. people... just CALM DOWN .. everybody take a deep breath... let's not loose sight of the fact this article is all about the PIZZA... it's not about who cut who, when where and how... PIZZA is all that matters... Mmmmm... pizza ;-) Is 12.06pm on a Sunday too early to order a pizza ? :-/

    If I wanted to cut my own pizza, I'd just make the entire thing myself.

    Except here in Australia, the delivery companies rave about how hot pizzas will still be when delivered... and they usually are! So we would need to let it cool some before following this advice. It sure would save a lot of "topping cascades", thanks for posting!

    Just pick up the toppings and put them back on, and steal some from the next slice while you're at it ;)

    If I ordered a pizza uncut, I would fold it in half and eat it like a sandwich! :-)

      Thats actually not a bad idea.......

      Or roll your garlic bread up in it and eat it like a

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