Use Kitchen Shears To Slice Homemade Pizza

Slice Your Pizza More Easily with Kitchen Shears

Sometimes a pizza cutter requires multiple passes to go all the way through your pizza dough, and using a knife to saw through your pizza will just make a mess out of the gooey cheese. If you want to avoid that, a pair of nice kitchen shears makes cutting your pizza quick and clean.

Photo by John loftus.

Kitchen shears can take on all kinds of jobs, like portioning meat, boning poultry and slicing up leafy vegetables. They really are a useful kitchen tool, and Kelli Dunn at The Kitchn suggests you use them slice up your pizza.

Kitchen shears cut right through the dough and cheese without making a mess of your toppings, and it's as easy as cutting through some construction paper. It's a little unorthodox, sure, but it's effective.

The Simplest Way to Cut Your Pizza [The Kitchn]


    My wife uses scissors with food often. It really irks me! Maybe I should get some some shears.

      I have some really good scissors/shears - not chicken scissors mind you.
      Well worth it. Makes cutting up chicken a breeze, but irks my wife much the same as you are irked.

    or just get a pizza wheel cutter for maybe 2 bucks on ebay

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