Yes, That Is Chicken as a Bun in KFC’s Pizza Double

Yes, That Is Chicken as a Bun in KFC’s Pizza Double
Yes, that is fried chicken as a bun. (Image: supplied)

Food mash-ups can go one of two ways: a match made in heaven, or a sure fire way to end your love for both foods involved. Enter KFC’s limited-edition Pizza Double, a combo of fried chicken and pizza.

Now it’s not the first time we’ve seen the Pizza Double on the KFC menu — it debuted back in 2011 and has been brought back by popular demand.

It’s two Zinger fillets acting as the bun, with spicy pepperoni slices, classic Italian-style pizza sauce, and a slice of cheese in between. The Colonel has declared pineapple does not belong on pizza, even one made from fried chicken, so we’ll just leave that there.

There have been a lot of mash-ups involving Italian cuisine lately, largely because TikTokers seem to be on a mission to make every Nonna cry.

But KFC’s Pizza Double is more like a hold-in-your-hand chicken parmigiana, if you ask me. And given a big chunk of us are stuck in lockdown, this is as close as we’re going get to classic pub grub for a while.

KFC Pizza Double
Yeah look, friend chicken as a bun is still a lot to take in. (Image: Melissa Matheson)

I’ll admit that the idea of using chicken fillets as a bun sounds like A LOT to me. Can we call this low-carb if there’s no bun involved? The Pizza Double isn’t a massive portion, it’s just enough, so it doesn’t feel like an absolute overload.

The Zinger fillets have a manageable amount of heat (I’d avoided them for years thinking they were too spicy for me; I was wrong), the pepperoni is thinly sliced so it’s not overpowering, and the red sauce is nice and rich. The chicken fillets still manage to stay crispy on the edges — I was expecting the fillings to make a soggy mess.

This is not an everyday meal, let’s be honest. It’s a treat, and if you’re craving a pub-style chicken parmy, the Pizza Double may hit the spot. You’ll just need to pour your own beer.

KFC’s Pizza Double is only available until October 4. You can even order it on the KFC App so you don’t even need to leave home to pick it up.

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