How To Use Bullet Vibrators

How To Use Bullet Vibrators
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You’ve heard people say, “The best things come in small packages,” and where bullet vibrators are concerned, never a truer word was said. Typically around 2- 4 inches long and petite enough to carry in your jacket or bag, a bullet vibrator is a portable pocket rocket. To add to their charms, they’re easy to use, light on the wallet and even simple to store and keep clean.

Don’t let their petite size fool you though. Bullet vibrators are renowned for achieving some of the most intense climactic experiences around. Famous primarily for helping you achieve quick (and mind-blowing) orgasms through direct clitoral stimulation, the fun doesn’t have to stop there.

The first time you use a bullet vibrator for clitoral stimulation, you may well climax quickly. If you’d like to prolong the experience, just experiment with where else you can place the toy on your body – see what feels good and don’t be afraid to try new things. You can start by sending delicious tingles to your breasts and nipples, or other erogenous zones such as your inner thighs, neck or even your feet (depending on how ticklish you are).

Moving to more intimate areas once you’re aroused, you can trail the bullet over your anus, perineum or outer labia for really intense sensations. One thing about bullet vibrators that people often forget is that you’re not limited to using just the tip – hold it horizontally and your toy will spread its pleasure over a wider area. This is particularly good for your outer labia, before you move onto stimulating your inner pearl.

If you’re in a relationship, sharing is caring! Your partner will enjoy having their erogenous zones stimulated by the bullet just as much as you do, plus they’ll get a thrill from using it on your clitoris. Give them plenty of encouraging feedback so they know when they’re really hitting the spot in just the way you like it.

These amazing little toys are also brilliant to use while you’re having penetrative sex. The vibrations are great for both you and your partner, whether you use it on your clitoris or elsewhere on either of your bodies. For many women, using a bullet on the clitoris while being penetrated means that they’ll have an orgasm while their lover or a dildo is inside them, which can be exciting for both partners.

A really great addition when using your bullet vibrator is lubricant. A few squirts of some silky, slippery lube will not only make things ultra-comfortable, it can make all the difference especially on the clitoris, to prevent any possibility of soreness or over-stimulation. The added sensation of softness could also be just the thing to send you over the edge.

When it comes to the choice of bullets, there’s a dazzling array of every permutation of features you could wish for. Speeds and patterns of vibration, the material the bullet’s made from, battery operated or rechargeable, ultra-quiet, plain or decorated… the choice is yours. If you fancy using sex toys in the shower or bath then there are even a whole host of waterproof bullets that will fulfill your desires perfectly.

Don’t feel overwhelmed, though – just go for what’s most important to you. The great thing is that because they’re mostly a budget option, you don’t have to limit yourself to having just one bullet. In fact, some ranges such as the tokidoki x Lovehoney bullets are even designed to be collectible.

Already sold on the idea? Wait, there’s more! Bullet vibrators can also be used to enhance the effects of other toys. Some butt plugs have the benefit of a small hole at their base for a bullet vibrator to be inserted, as do some cock rings. If you’re looking to experiment with anal play, a bullet vibrator can be an extremely pleasurable addition to a butt plug by creating deep vibrating sensations that will leave you quivering with pleasure.

Helen Self is a blogger and sex toy expert who writes for Lovehoney Australia.