Top 5 DIY Sex Toy Hacks

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So you’ve just treated yourself to a new toy, powered it up and popped your cookies. But did you know that, beyond their obvious skills, your toys are hiding unexpected talents? Here are our favourite sex toy hacks to help you get the most out of your new bedroom pleasure pal.

Got a rabbit? Turn it around

While the thrills that come from blended clitoral and G-spot stimulation are undeniable, swivelling your bunny around will send you down a whole new rabbithole of sexual exploration. Turn your toy 180 degrees while it’s inside you, then let the flexible, quivering ears deliver vibrations to the kundalini, or K-spot - the sensitive area just above the anus.

Personal recommendation: BASICS Rabbit Vibrator ($32.95)

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Got a bullet vibrator? Use it during oral sex

Whether you’re pleasing a penis or a clitoris, placing a bullet vibe against your cheek can seriously upgrade your oral technique, turning your mouth into a wet, rumbly sex toy. You can also alternate between the vibe and your tongue if your jaw needs a little rest, or stroke it over your partner’s thighs, mons pubis and perineum if you’re a master at multi-tasking.

Personal recommendation: Magic Bullet 10 Function Silver Bullet Vibrator (from $22.95)

How To Use Bullet Vibrators

You’ve heard people say, “The best things come in small packages,” and where bullet vibrators are concerned, never a truer word was said. Typically around 2- 4 inches long and petite enough to carry in your jacket or bag, a bullet vibrator is a portable pocket rocket. To add to their charms, they’re easy to use, light on the wallet and even simple to store and keep clean.

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Got a vibrating cock ring? Turn it into a finger ring

Put those rumbly vibrations at your fingertips by slipping the stretchy ring over two of your fingers, and add an exhilarating extra dimension to your digits. Simply kick-start the vibrations and point to your chosen sweet spot. If you’ve got a set of non-vibrating, stretchy cock rings, sliding them over a stroker will add pleasurable constriction to your play.

Personal recommendation: BASICS Vibrating Rabbit Cock Ring (from $8.95)

A Beginner's Guide To Cock Rings

Cock rings are one of the simplest and most popular sex aids around. They work by providing a constricting squeeze to your penis when it’s erect, stopping the blood from flowing back down. This can help your erection to feel harder and last longer than normal, offering all kinds of benefits such as longer sex sessions and more intense orgasms, not to mention boosted confidence and fun for both partners.

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Got a wand vibrator? Build a hands-free sex machine.

Some magic wands can be a little heavy, so give your arm a break and go hands-free. Slide the handle of your wand between two pillows, and angle it so that it makes contact with your erogenous zones when you’re on all fours - now you can ride the vibes to your heart’s content! For next level slide and glide, cover the head with water-based lube.

Personal recommendation: Deluxe Extra Powerful Magic Wand Vibrator ($149.95)

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When you hear "sex machine" for the first time, it’s likely that your mind will go one of two ways. Either you’ll picture James Brown doing the splits on the dance floor or you'll think of a giant piece of metal equipment with a rubber Johnston stuck to it. While the second option may be real (and to your tastes in some cases), things have come on a long way from the days of popping a dildo on an old-fashioned clothes horse and hoping for the best.

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Got a glass dildo? Heat it up (or cool it down)

Temperature play can be super arousing, and it’s easy to incorporate your toy if it’s made from a temperature responsive material like borosilicate glass, stainless steel or TPR (the super-realistic stuff that Thrust strokers are made from). Just submerge it in a bowl of warm water, or cool it in the fridge for 10 minutes, but test the temperature on your arm before taking things downtown. If you’re playing with a partner, add a blindfold to heighten their other senses as well as their anticipation.

Personal recommendation: Tracey Cox Supersex Glass Dildo Set ($62.95)

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