The EB Games Website Is Not Working For Some People

The EB Games Website Is Not Working For Some People

Trying to buy a Nintendo Classic Mini NES on EB Games online store? A lot of people are having issues completing their orders. Again. Here’s what you can do.

For the second day in a row, it appears EB Games has been unable to handle the load from eager Australian Ninty fans: the website isn’t working at all for some users while others haven’t been able to complete their orders.

EB Games is urging people not to use their EB World profile. Instead, you are advised to check out as a guest:

Seriously, this is not good. Twice burned! People are going to be so furious.


  • got to the confirm payment screen at least 50 times and each time got the EB GAMES Don’t Fret screen.

    Wife at home was getting same issue. this is complete bullshit, they should scrap the online only and go to instore only. Then at least people will be able to buy the damned things!

    Or maybe Nintendo will realise they are on to a good thing here and actually mass produce this. They will make squillions!!!

    • There’s sure to be more stock heading to Australia – just not in time for Christmas. 🙁

  • Not even the guest fix is working. I can’t get one logged in or not, both are in the basket at checkout but no. They will release more at some stage or EB Games might get their act together. They’re on EBay for over $300 & even one for $999, don’t buy one, don’t feed the problem

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