Last Week’s 10 Biggest Posts

You wanted supermoon viewing tips, the best of Click Frenzy and a refresher course on the legalities of VPNs. Kick off your Monday by checking out the ten most popular posts from Lifehacker Australia last week:

  1. How, When And Where To Watch Tonight’s Supermoon
    When the sun goes down tonight, the world will be treated to the largest and brightest supermoon of the century. Here’s how to get the best vantage point in Australia as well as some basic photography tips.
  2. Nintendo Classic Mini NES Pre-Orders Start Today!
    As promised, EB Games has received a second shipment of Nintendo Classic Mini: NES consoles. Stock is extremely limited and will be sold exclusively through online pre-orders. Here’s how to get one in time for Christmas.
  3. Where To Buy The Nintendo Classic Mini NES
    So you missed out on pre-ordering a Nintendo Classic Mini NES. Most people did; EB Games’ website crashed two days in a row under the sheer volume of gamers trying to buy the console online. The games retailer has sold out of the console yet again. If you still desperately want to get one, here are a few options you can resort to.
  4. The Nintendo Classic Mini NES Goes On Sale Again Today In Australia
    If you managed to buy a Nintendo Classic Mini NES from EB Games today, you were definitely in the minority. The website crashed within minutes due to the surge in traffic which left many customers unable to complete their orders. (There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth.)
  5. Click Frenzy 2016: Here Are The Best Deals
    When Click Frenzy launched in 2012, it was supposed to be Australia’s answer to the Cyber Monday mega sales in the US. Instead, the deals were mostly a load of arse and the website keeled over and died. Dusting itself off, the company promised things would be better the following year. Instead, the deals were mostly a load of arse and the website keeled over and died.
  6. How To Watch Amazon Prime Video In Australia
    Well, this was unexpected. Amazon appears to have quietly made its streaming entertainment service – Amazon Prime Video – available in Australia. Oddly, there has been no official announcement or fanfare of any kind. Is this a ‘soft launch’? Did someone at Amazon accidentally jump the gun? Is the company trying to massage The Grand Tour’s viewing numbers?
  7. Is It Legal To Access US Netflix With A VPN?
    Virtual private networks (VPNs) have many legitimate purposes. They’re also used to cheekily circumvent geo-blocks on overseas sites like US Netflix – often against the express wishes of rights holders. Like most online technologies, government legislation is currently a bit vague on what is and isn’t allowed. So is it legal to stream restricted content through a VPN? Let’s find out.
  8. Amazon Shopping Down Under: What We Know So Far
    Amazon shopping is coming to Australia – and it aims to have stores in every Australian state by 2017. If you have shares in Coles or Woolworths you should be worried. If you own an independent grocery store you should be very worried. Here’s everything we know about Amazon’s shopping strategy and how it will affect they way we buy goods in Australia.
  9. The EB Games Website Is Not Working For Some People
    Trying to buy a Nintendo Classic Mini NES on EB Games online store? A lot of people are having issues completing their orders. Again. Here’s what you can do.
  10. What Your Business Can Learn From EB Games’ Colossal Website Failure
    When EB Games took pre-orders for the Nintendo Mini NES Classic earlier this week, the website crashed under the sheer volume of traffic from eager buyers. This happened two days in a row, leaving a mob of angry customers in its wake. With all the hype around the classic console, you’d think EB Games would have expected the level of traffic to its online store and worked to ensure its website was reliable. We take a look at where EB Games might have gone wrong and what businesses can learn from this debacle.

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