The Nintendo Mini NES Broke EB Games' Website (And Customers Aren't Happy)

Image: Ebay

EB Games did people the service of announcing its latest round of pre-orders for the Nintendo Classic Mini NES, but it looks like the whole thing just backfired. Badly. EB's website is in a pretty bad state right now.

The message from EB's social media accounts seems to be pretty consistent. The site is currently experiencing insane traffic and demand so...

Keep trying.

But people are not happy, Jan.

It appears as though EB Games wasn't quite prepped for this level of demand. That or they've just gone bugger it, and let chaos reign.

It's looking pretty brutal out there:

The site also appears to be dealing out multiple different error messages.

The main issue people seem to be having: the site timing out or crashing halfway through pre-orders, meaning that customers aren't sure whether they've actually secured their pre-order or not. Difficult times.

All up, you have to wonder whether this was the right call. JB Hi-Fi chucked its pre-order page up without warning, and stock was gone in seconds. EB Games has just made a large portion of its consumer base pretty angry right now.

We'll update if we hear more.


    EB whipped their customers into a frenzy over the last week over an item they knew they would sell out of and have very very limited stock of. I'm hearing under 2000 units.

    It's incredibly poor form for them to create such an un-realistic perception during their promotion that they had reasonable level of stock to fulfil the demand.

    Tried on both the Monday and Tuesday to pre-order one. Monday was an utter failure, on the Tuesday I was able to get through to the "Confirm and Pay" screen, when I clicked "Pay" it gave an error.

    Hoping I'd be lucky, but no confirmation email or pending transaction on bank account, looks like I missed out. Managed to get the same error a few times.

    The sad thing is that people are already selling these pre-orders from today for hyper inflated prices.

    EBGames should have given priority to customers with a level 4/3 rewards card...

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