Make A Simple Duck Sauce With Jam And Vinegar

Duck sauce is great for cooking with or as a delicious dipping sauce. And you can make a passing batch with two pantry staples.

Photo by 305 Seahill.

If you’re looking to make a quick dip for your spring rolls, wontons or dumplings, Jennifer Perillo at Food52 has a clever recipe for simple duck sauce. Just mix three tablespoons of apricot jam with one and a half tablespoons of red wine or white vinegar. The acid of the vinegar mixes perfectly with the sugar in the apricot jam to create that classic tangy flavour. It will come out a little chunky, but if that bothers you, toss it in a mini processor or food chopper to liquefy it.

Cheat’s Duck Sauce, Made from 2 Ingredients [Food52]