44 Ways To Make Your Entire Day More Productive [Infographic]

Most of us could do with some improvements to our daily routine. Because nothing much changes during the work week, it's easy to slip on 'autopilot' and sleepwalk through each day. Instead, you should be adding order to all this monotony — from your morning routine to the daily commute home. This infographic contains 44 ways to hack the daily grind.

Sunrise image from Shutterstock

The infographic below comes from the UK-based business training service Best STL. It's essentially a checklist of productivity tips and time-management methods for morning, noon and night. If you rarely get through your to-do list at the end of each day, this guide is definitely worth a close inspection.

[Best STL, via Business Insider]


    Sorry, you lost me at "wake up earlier".

      Ha! Gotta agree that the very first point is not practical. Do that EVERY Day and in 3 months you'll be waking up before you go to sleep (assuming you get 7 hours sleep on average)...

        Lol but stop when it's 90min and whammo! You've given yourself an extra day a week :oD

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