How To Become A Morning Person [Infographic]

How To Become A Morning Person [Infographic]

Morning people are a source of much envy from the more unfortunate half of the population: people like me who stumble out of bed at the time when they have to leave for work, nibbling a half-hearted breakfast on the train in. We’ve tried again and again to change our routines and nothing seems to work, so what does the science say on the art of changing your morning habits?

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Unsurprisingly, most of the tips require preparation or forethought from before you actually go to sleep — if you stay up all night playing games and drinking energy drinks, obviously you’re not going to be in tip-top shape for an early morning wake up call. We’ve reported on many of these tips before, from avoiding sleeping too much on the weekend to turning off your smartphone before you go to sleep for the night. However WhereDat’s infographic has condensed ten of the best tips for consistently waking up earlier in one place, so if you’re ready to fix your routine, check it out below:



  • Just that last tip is enough sometimes. I’m notorious for sleeping in when I get the chance…hell, I’ll stay in bed for an extra minute just to wait for my alarm to go off. But I’ve noticed that just getting out of bed and shambling to the shower wakes me up enough to face the world at 7am (I know, that’s not that early…but it is to me!)

    • I’m with you there. I’m (almost) the latest starter in the office with a 9:30 start and even dragging myself out of bed at 8am is hard.

  • I certainly do envy morning people, I wake early (I have children and a job) but I hate everybody before 830am, and I start work at 815am!!!

  • As an early morning person I get a lot of grief and looked down on from people purely because I do mornings not late nights. I may not be able to stay awake past mid-night at the best of times but you should see me at 3:45am when I will wake up and do stuff!

  • i got to the point in my teens where my alarm clock was across the room, but i’d mastered that i only needed to plant one foot in the middle of the floor, lean over, slap the right button, then lean back and fall back into bed – it became such a habit, i would barely have to wake up to do it.
    id just keep on living the z filled dream.

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