What Does The ACMA Actually Do? [Infographic]

What Does The ACMA Actually Do? [Infographic]

The Australian Communications and Media Authority [ACMA] is responsible for legislation, regulations, standards and codes of practice across telecommunications, broadcasting, radio communications and the internet. But what does this actually mean in practice? This infographic provides a fascinating snapshot of the authority’s activities over the past financial quarter; from skewering pesky telemarketers to tackling complaints about the NBN.

The ACMA’s quarterly Snapshot Report provides a fascinating overview of the authority’s myriad activities. As the authority explains on its blog:

“With a complex regulatory remit spanning some 26 Acts and involving the administration of over 400 regulatory instruments, the ACMA snapshot provides an “at a glance” overview of the broad diversity of our activities for the December quarter 2015 — which can sometimes be lost in the sectoral specifics of day-to-day engagement.”

Interesting tidbits include the sending of 11,398 phishing alerts, the issuing of 206 enforcement actions for spectrum interference and responding to more than 100 inquiries and complaints relating to the NBN. To see what else the ACMA got up to, check out the infographic below.

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  • ACMA are good guys, I like them. The Do Not Call register alone must have saved decent people from huge amounts of nuisance telemarketing calls. Things had really got out of hand just before the register was introduced with some houses receiving multiple calls a day. I once lodged a complaint re a breach of the Do Not Call rules and they followed it up and dealt with the offending business.

    I have also found them very helpful to deal with as adminstrators of amateur radio licences (I have one).

    A bit gushing I know but they’re cool. Most people would have no idea what they do and how important spectrum management is so it’s good to see this article.

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