ACMA Tells Vodafone To Fix Its Customer Service

Vodafone's main response to the litany of complaints that kicked off late last year has been to spend up on network improvements of variable helpfulness. The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has now ordered it to fix up the other element that led to massive dissatisfaction with Vodafone: the way it described network coverage and its processes for handling complaints.

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In a report issued today, ACMA slammed Vodafone for failing to provide information about its network performance issues between October and November 2010; failing to properly classify complaints it had received; and poor security practices which led to personal customer details being potentially viewable online.

ACMA acknowledged that Vodafone had been working to improve its service since the issue first blew up. However, its poor history with network and customer handling issues mean that if it fails to comply with regulatory codes, it could face a fine of up to $250,000.



    In other words, ACMA does nothing, yet again, not even a slap on the wrist. A fine should have been issued, not threatened as some vague future consequence. A $250,000 fine is pocket change to a company like vodafone. They spend more than that in advertising every month. Once again ACMA shows itself to serve the interest of big business, not the consumer.


      There is ZERO benefit in threatening a fine once the damage has been done. The idea of fines is to prevent that behavior in the first place! That's the time to threaten with a fine - before anything's gone wrong - and it will stay that way.

      It's like the cops walking in to a ransacked house and wagging their finger at the robber, saying "Tsk tsk... you know if you do this again we're going to have to arrest you"

      For sure. It's not like they've not had enough warning, ACMA should have fined them the maximum amount straight up. Voda have failed on so many levels it isn't funny.

      ACMA have done something. They have made this problem official, and they are letting people know about it. Customers and potential customers can now decide if the want to be a Vodafail customer.
      Personally, I have ported away from VF, and my wife is in the process of doing the same.
      Having said that, do I think the ACMA has done enough? HELL NO! I wish that the ACMA would kill off Vodafail for the dying dog that it is.

    Their customer service is beyond pathetic. A couple of days ago there was a network black out. It wasn't an issue with my phone as 2 of my housemates who are with Vodafone had no coverage as well. I called them and tried to report this issue with their network team. They kept assuring me that there is no issue at my area and wanted to transfer my call to priority care.
    And oh, I had to wait for about 45 mins before I could actually speak to someone.

    As an unhappy VF customer I have manage to get a cheap deal out of them telling them I want my contract terminated as I am sick of putting up with their crappy network service, they turned around and offered my a $35 no sim plan for 50% off the price per month (only pay $17.50 per month). One of my work mates manage to get a similar deal with a free iPhone 4 out of them. So if you are unhappy customer like me tell them you want to leave and they will offer a plan at half the cost.

    Nope never again with Vodafone. Sure they have the cheapest plans but it's a given really, their customer service and reception are abysmal. I constantly lose reception in the CBD and I know it's not limited to my phone because all my other friends who are with Vodafone experience the same problem.

    And I'm appaled that their customer service cannot solve the basic issues. I once asked for the unlock code for my dad's nokia phone and it took me 5 hours of constantly being redirected to get 10 digits. And mind you, all of them were Indians so that didn't help either.

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