ACMA Launches DNSChanger Malware Checker

It's an unusual day when the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) takes it upon itself to launch a set to help people check for a specific malware variant. So count today as unusual. The DNS-OK site was developed to help individuals check if their DNS settings have been maliciously altered by the DNSChanger malware, which spread rapidly in late 2011.

The site, developed in conjunction with CERT Australia, offers a pretty good explanation of the problem, as well as links to help affected individuals remove it. If you've followed good security practice, it shouldn't be a problem, but it's an easy way for less tech-savvy users to check.



    Troll / "less tech-savvy user"mode on: What is this "FBI" they are referring to ?

      The "Federal Bureau of Investigation" I believe.

        I believe it's a Sydney Radio station

    I'm not sure what would stop the ppl running the fraudulent DNS server to just change the url for this website (the check site) to then redirect to a replica site they could set up to then tell the user that they don't have a problem...

    Or didn't the government think of that?

      The hackers who made this malware have been arrested as yousaid but the FBI agency of the US government have confiscated the servers and will turn them off permanently at the end of June, any effected computers will no longer have access to the internet and restore it to it's default settings for accessing the internet.

    What would stop those people is the fact that they have been arrested. That is why DNS will start failing, rather than continuing to work, but be interfered with by the badmen. The FBI took over the DNS servers' IP addresses when the gang was arrested, but the FBI will shut them down soon.

    Or are you suggesting the FBI will maliciously interfere with the check site?

    Usually a lot of money changes hands for this many compromised machines but the FBI got to intercept people's DNS since November for free!

    Doesn't it make you feel proud to know that we have a Farty Buttocked Insect (aka FBI) to take control of Australia and make sure that American laws apply here in Australia and that our federal government seems to support rendition for Australian citizens.

    Do you suppose that it is our history that causes us to adopt the "criminal cringe" and kow tow when anyone with either an American or educated Pommy accent speaks authoritatively to our politicians? (Just keep in mind how successful The Chaser crew were in passing through all the security cordons in NSW - and just think of how red-faced the NSW authorities were, especially after they had been skiting about how thorough the security was for the conference (drat it, i have forgotten what the conference was about).

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