consumer protection

  • The Most Complained-About Companies In NSW

    Even the most-respected of companies disappoint us sometimes and when that happens, there are complaints registers available for us around the country to air our frustrations or injustices. NSW Fair Trading has recently released the complaints for December 2019 and while there are a few usual suspects, a number of others made the cut too.

  • [Updated] Your Might Be Able To Get A Refund On Your HP Printer

    HP sold about 220,000 printers in Australia with the euphemistically named “Dynamic Security Feature” (DSF). And while anything called a “security feature” sounds like a good thing, its purpose was to stop people from installing non-HP ink cartridges. As a result, the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission (ACCC) has told HP, through a court-enforceable undertaking…

  • CHOICE: Your ’50+’ Sunscreen Could Be As Low As 29 [Infographic]

    Consumer watchdog CHOICE recently conducted tests on six popular sunscreens with a SPF rating of 50+. Surprisingly, only two brands actually met the claimed protection rating, with the others ranging between SPF42 and SPF29. This infographic names and shames the products that failed to deliver on their promise.