Executive Chef At McDonald's Shows You How To Make A Big Mac At Home

The classic two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce and cheese sandwich isn't that hard to recreate at home (in fact, we've got two DIY recipes for you to choose from, the first of which uses Vegemite as a secret ingredient), but there's no more authoritative source than the executive chef of McDonald's.

In the video above, McDonald's Canada Executive Chef Dan Coudreaut walks you through preparing a Big Mac at home, noting that the "secret" special sauce isn't really a secret, since the ingredients are posted right there on the McDonald's website.

Even if you've already tried the copycat techniques above or don't even really care for Big Macs, the basic cooking video may still be worth two and a half minutes of your time. Coudreaut talks about the contrasting sweet and sour elements in the Big Mac (versus complementary flavours like tomatoes and basil) and a couple of other pointers.

What is in the sauce that is in the Big Mac? [YouTube via Huffington PostHuffington Post]


    I find it offensive that he calls himself a chef..... I mena cmon, it's against all that a chef stands for working and producing sh*t like that!

      Do you think a janitor should be designing the food sold to hundreds of millions of people worldwide?

        Considering a janitor is probably more who the food is aimed at than a chef, I wouldn't totally rule it out...

      I think hat what alot of people fail to understand is that over half your job as a chef is standardising procedures (so the food is the same every time you eat at a restaurant) and costings, to make sure your earning enough to actually pay the bills. While I don't like the food personally and it is a world apart from the food that I cook, I would still call him a chef.

        He is a chef indeed. I think redgum, you'd also be surprised at how simple a LOT of the procedures are that go into the meals at your favorite restaraunts. Those overly complicated meals are actually thrown together very quickly. They're 'fast food' believe it or not. The complicated meals happen at home. Restaraunts still have to push meals out fairly quickly too...

    Or you could just drive to the nearest maccas and buy a damn big mac!

      You're right! That is much better! Here we are all wasting our time looking at things we think are interesting. Thankyou for saving us Daniel!

    Also the ingredients he uses are all fresh. In reality the onions are all dehydrated and the lettuce is pre-cut, vaccum packed and sent to the stores. On the plus side the tomato is actually fresh and cut at the store.

      There's no tomato in a Big Mac is there?

        No, Just a general comment on the other burgers. Macca's isnt that bad with most stuff its all either sourced from the same state (eg. eggs) or from australia. The only things that really are imported are things like the sauce packets and the dehydrated onions (In the cheesebugers and bigmacs). But they do use fresh (Pre-cut and packaged) onions in the larger burgers like the quarter pounder.

          Personally I recommend the quarter pounder with big mac sauce... goddamn its beautiful

    Yhat looks way tastier than a store bought big mac.

    "I'm just going to change into something a little more casual, so I'll just take my uniform off." The hell, why did you even put it on then? "Guys, guys, trust me, I'm a chef because I'm wearing the uniform, so it's totally official and legit."

      suppose he should have worn his black turtleneck, faded levis and "i'm not trying too hard so i'll just wear sneakers" sneakers?

    Not just a Chef, but an Executive Chef!

    What does that make me?
    A Level 100 Great Grandmaster Chef?

    Dear editor - a few years ago, pre-internet - but on TV I watched a little old lady make a bunch of stuff "like" foods (macca's, burger king, taco bell)... She did a like KFC, it was great , i even made it - But now i cant find anything like it. and i cant recall what she used..My question ... Is there a "like KFC" you could make at home ? That would be a "fix " - call it FLG chicken :)

      This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    "Executive Chef At McDonald's" - I lol'd

    I suspect that too many readers don't understand what an Executive Chef does.
    Definition here: http://www.acfchefs.org/Content/NavigationMenu2/Certification/Levels/default.htm
    You might not appreciate what someone does, but that doesn't mean you can't show respect for how well they do it.
    (BTW, I seldom eat McDonald's stuff.)

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