How To Score A Budget Big Mac

Image: Hollis Johnson

At nearly $6 a pop, the McDonald's Big Mac isn't the affordable snack it once was. Thankfully, it's possible to score a similar burger for around half the price via a little menu hackery. Here's how it's done.

Let's face it: Big Macs are all about that special sauce. The patties are depressingly thin and the middle bun doesn't really add anything to the equation. What you're really after is the lettuce and sauce - two ingredients that are conspicuously absent from McDonald's other classic burgers.

As recently pointed out in a Quora thread about McDonald's fast food hacks, it's possible to get the Big Mac experience in budget form by making a few substituons to the humble McDouble. Macca's employee Mackenzie Shelton explains how the hack works below:

Running on a budget, but craving a Big Mac? Ask for a McDouble dressed like a Big Mac - hold the ketchup and mustard, add lettuce and Mac sauce. You'll save a few bucks and I've heard they taste great too.

In Australia, the addition of sauce and lettuce should set you back around 50 cents extra, which brings that total to $3.50. That's still significantly cheaper than the Big Mac's asking price of $5.70. More importantly, it's actually a better burger.

The McDouble is more compact in size and omits the middle bread portion - which results in a juicier, meatier taste. Granted, you don't get the sesame seed bun, but that's a small price to pay for a burger that tastes better and costs less money. The next time you're at Macca's, give it a burl.

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