McDonald's Shows You How To Make A Bacon And Egg McMuffin At Home

The Bacon & Egg McMuffin is the iconic McDonald's breakfast item, packing a fried egg, bacon, toasted muffin and cheese in one portable package. McDonald's Executive Chef Dan Coudreaut demonstrates how to cook it yourself at home.

Compared to other McDonald's menu items, the Bacon & Egg McMuffin isn't particularly challenging to replicate (for instance, if you want to make your own Big Mac, the big challenge is replicating the special sauce). You only need a few simple ingredients and some basic equipment to replicate the Bacon & Egg McMuffin (which is referred to stateside simply as the Egg McMuffin). The only unusual item you might not have is an egg ring.

Along with the step-by-step instructions here, Coudreaut offers several useful tips (as he did when sharing the company's own Big Mac instructions). For example, you can easily break the egg yolk just by tapping the centre of the yolk with the egg shell (around 2:18). Another tip is to add a little water to the pan; this creates steam for cooking the egg and getting it nice and fluffy.

For your future reference and if you don't care to watch the video, Yahoo!'s Shine also has the directions and recipe in one page.

Olympic Games: Best of Our Best Taste - Egg McMuffin [YouTube]


    Not sure where you put the 'Mc' in to differentiate it from an ordinary bacon and egg muffin. But hey, I'm no chef.

      It's obviously a special type of muffin. I asked in my local woolies if they had any McMuffins but they didn't seem to :(

        I've given up trying to find McMuffins in the shops. Now, true to my Irish heritage, I make a mean Bacon and Egg O'Bagel.

      At McDonalds, they usually leave heaps of McEgg-Shell in the egg. Secret ingredient.

      Hahaha. Chef. At McDonalds? Hahahaha. I thought their food experts were called chemical engineers.

    Despite the "mmmm", his face at the end is not very convincing

      It's a freaking basic run of the mill bacon and egg roll.... What are you insinuating?!?

    It's not rocket since to make a bacon egg muffin. The McDonald one is no different from the ones you buy at your local crappy roadhouse servo's or any other breakfast takeaway joint. it's just a muffin, cheese, egg and greasy bacon. In oz they call it bacon egg mcmuffin anywhere else in world it's just an egg mcmuffin. they sneak the bacon in. Good if your a vegetarian ;)

    The key is cook the egg until it's yolk is like powder.

    And join us next week when our janitor shows you how to wipe your McArse.

    In the USA, it is not an egg mcmuffin, as that has no meat on it.
    There is a sausage mcmuffin with egg, but no egg mcmuffin with bacon.

    I just learned that you call ham bacon (which are 2 different things for us).
    And that bit about no meat was not supposed to be in there.
    Carry on. :1

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