The Australian ‘Sickie’ In Numbers [Infographic]

Last year, workplace absenteeism allegedly cost Australian businesses a whopping $33 billion in lost productivity. Up to 70 per cent was caused by “entitlement mentality”. This number-packed infographic looks at all the ways workplace sickies affect companies, along with a few ways to fix the problem.

The infographic below comes from payroll and contractor management company Ayers. As you can see, it paints a pretty somber picture of absenteeism culture in Australia. Of course, any monetary figure attached to employee absence need to be taken with a grain of salt — as the old argument goes, a sick person who shows up to work usually causes more damage than a person who stays at home. Nevertheless, it makes for very interesting reading, particularly the areas dealing with worst-offending industries and the rise in workplace anxiety.

[Via Ayers Management]


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