Is Your Workplace Adapting To Modern Practices? [Infographic]

A new report commissioned by Canon has revealed a divide between employers and employees in their perceptions of modern workplace practice. Both groups agreed that outdated workplace formats could be damaging to performance — with 41.7 per cent disagreeing that their workplace fostered creativity and innovation and more than half claiming that their workplace didn't provide the latest technology — but 66 per cent of employers still say that they hadn't considered changing their workplaces to improve this factor.

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The report surveyed 300 employers and 1010 employees from businesses with over 20 employees, questioning them on workplace practices and technology. While 66.4 per cent of employers claimed that their workplace was fitted with the latest technology, only 49.5 per cent of employees agreed with them. One of the most telling factors was the relatively new practice of allowing flexible or remote working — while 77 per cent of bosses said they would consider allowing flexible working, and 71.9 per cent would consider facilitating remote working, employees' who believed that their employers would institute such capabilities were much lower, at 60.1 percent and 52.7 per cent respectively. That isn't the end of it either — more than a quarter of employees said they couldn't trust their managers, with a slightly lower number at 23.9 per cent saying that they couldn't trust their own colleagues.

So how does your workplace stack up? Check out the infographic below for some more of the most interesting findings from Canon's Work in Evolution report.



    Infographic is a bit strong. That might better be classified a datagraphic (does that exist? If not it does now).

    This is just a collection of data. I was geared up for an awesome post. Damn

    Some things never evolve: neither the link in the graphic nor the Lifehacker [Canon] link work - both produce 404 errors from Canon.

    I tried taking out the .au but just get "An error occurred while processing your request.
    Reference #97.3f19ae8c.1447111314.2d3f203f"

    Searching their site was also unproductive.

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