Which ‘Office Personality’ Are You? [Infographic]

Which ‘Office Personality’ Are You? [Infographic]
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Most of us have no idea how we’re perceived at work – especially when it comes to our ‘personality’. While you can usually hazard a guess as to which workmates like or dislike you, the label attached to your identity is often a mystery. Are you considered to be a slob? A neat freak? A gossip monger? A brown-noser? A dullard?

One way to know for sure is to conduct an office poll at gunpoint. Or you could follow this flowchart which matches eight personality traits to a corresponding office stereotype.

“There are a lot of different personalities in an office and we all tend to label people because of their particular bad habits,” online apartment finder silverdoor.co.uk explains on its blog. Their accompanying infographic attempts to reveal how your personality is judged in the workplace by presenting a range of questions relating to good and bad habits.

While the tone of the proffered questions is irreverent and silly (“did you eat smoked mackerel for lunch?”), the eventual outcome can be quite revealing. Of the available options, I’m probably closest to the ‘Closed Book’. (Clearly, I need to get away from my desk more!)

[Via Silverdoor]

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