Beat Workplace Stress: The Infographic

It's no surprise that our jobs can be stressful. Ignoring that stress and what it does to you is a one-way ticket to both physical and mental health problems. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to handle workplace stress, as this handy infographic demonstrates.

Photo by stuartpilbrow.

The infographic, from the folks at The Salary Reporter, doesn't contain any surprises, but it does a great job of outlining some of the common causes of office stress and what our physiological response to those acute and chronic stressors really are. Everyone knows stress when they feel it, but what that stress response is doing to you physically is worth remembering, and dismissing it by saying "well, at least I have a job to be stressed out by" is dangerous.

Beyond recognising the stress when you see it and trying to remove yourself from its effects at the time, there are plenty of other options to help minimise daily stress. If you're looking for more suggestions, here are some great ways to handle stress, and even more ways to combat burnout at the office.

What Causes Workplace Stress and What You Can Do About It [The Salary Reporter]


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