Ratehacker: November's Best Credit Card, Savings Account And Home Loan Deals

In our monthly Ratehacker round-up, Jeremy Cabral from comparison site finder.com.au highlights recent credit card offer changes, plus the best savings accounts, home loans and insurance deals.

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This week marked the sixth month in a row that the Reserve Bank left the official cash rate unchanged. However, that doesn't mean that prospective home buyers have an easy time of it, since the "Big Four" banks all put up their interest rates over the last month anyway. Add to that the pressure of Christmas looming and there's never been a better time to hunt around for a better credit card, savings account or loan deal.

Credit Cards

Feature: 0 percent balance transfer

NAB Premium Visa Card: 0% per annum for 15 months New applicants will enjoy an interest-free period of 15 months on transferred balances if they apply before 14 February 2016. There's an interest-free period of up to 44 days on new purchases. The annual fee for this card is $90.

Feature: No annual fee credit card

American Express Qantas Discovery Card: No annual fee and Qantas Frequent Flyer bonus points As well as no annual fee, new applicants before 2 February 2016 can receive up to 7500 Qantas Frequent Flyer points. You can also balance transfer onto this card at 0% per annum for 12 months; note that there will be a one-time balance transfer fee of 1% of the total.

Feature: Low interest rate

ME frank Credit Card: 9.99% per annum rate The ME frank card offers up to 55-days interest free and a low 9.99% rate for both purchases and cash advances. There's no annual fee. The maximum credit limit is $15,000.

Home Loans

Feature: Refinancing loan

loans.com.au Essentials: 4.0% per annum comparison rate for principal and interest loans This variable rate loan is suitable for refinancing, and covers amounts from $50,000 to $750,000. You can also opt for interest-only loans for up for five years, though make sure to consider the risks involved.

Feature: Introductory fixed rate loan

Newcastle Permanent Fixed Rate Home Loan: 4.89% per annum introductory comparison rate and $2000 cashback This loan offers a fixed rate of 4.89% per annum on a two-year deal for owner occupiers. If you refinance with this loan for $150,000 or more before 30 November 2015, you'll receive $2000 cashback.

Savings Accounts

Feature: High incentive interest rate

ING Direct Savings Maximiser: 3.50% per annum when you deposit $1000 or more each month Deposit your salary into this account each month to score an additional 1.25% per annum interest on top of the base 2.25% rate.

Feature: High introductory rate

Citibank Online Saver: 3.40% per annum introductory rate For the first four months you have this account, it pays 3.40% per annum on balances under $500,000. After that, it will revert to the standard variable rate (currently 2.40% per annum).

Personal Loans

Feature: Fixed Rate New Car Loan

Beyond Bank Low Rate Car Loan: 6.98% per annum comparison rate You can borrow $25,000 or more for a car with this loan, with repayment terms of between 1 and 7 years. The car you're borrowing for must be either new or less than two years old.

Travel Insurance

Feature: Policy Discount

Go Insurance Coupon Code: 15% off your policy Use this exclusive code from finder.com.au to score 15% off your policy.

Jeremy Cabral is the Publisher at finder.com.au and finder.com which includes comparisons for credit cards, savings accounts and mobile phone plans, and a constantly updated database of discounts and coupon codes. Connect with Jeremy on Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.


    Bank of Queensland has a 3.99% variable home loan that makes my current 4.4% + loan with NAB (after their uplift to keep shareholders happy) look very, very appealing. Interested to know why Ratehacker missed it?
    At that difference if you have a $500k loan you'll save $2000 in interest each year!!!

    Low rate cards, can probably do a lot better than that. There's tons on the market right now at 0% for 12-15 months.

    The usual monthly paid advertising?

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