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It can feel daunting to start from zero when you’re a newbie saver or investor. You have financial professionals advising you to put away 20 per cent of your income and save double your salary by the time you’re 35, while you’re struggling to pay rent. Saving anything at all can seem like a pipe dream.


This weekend, I bought a bouquet of $8 peonies for my new apartment, a small celebration of sorts. The few dollars were tiny drops in the bucket of money I had just spent, considering the movers, increased rent, fees and everything else that comes with a move.

Unlike those costs, however, the flowers were rather impractical. Beautiful, yes, but purposeless. And so as I walked home with them in hand, I couldn't help feel a twinge of guilt. Sure, it was only $8, but with all the other money I had just spent, was it necessary?


It can be the most wonderful time of the year but for many shoppers, Christmas is also the most expensive. The festive season is full of both fun and obligation, with events, food, drinks and gifts; many of which can leave consumers with very empty pockets by the time January 1 rolls around. Here are four tips that will help you to celebrate Christmas without emptying your pockets in the process.