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It can be the most wonderful time of the year but for many shoppers, Christmas is also the most expensive. The festive season is full of both fun and obligation, with events, food, drinks and gifts; many of which can leave consumers with very empty pockets by the time January 1 rolls around. Here are four tips that will help you to celebrate Christmas without emptying your pockets in the process.


It's important to read the fine print with just about everything -- especially credit cards. Credit card companies use some pretty sneaky tactics to get you to sign up. They lure you with tempting offers that seem legit, but if you miss one iota of fine print, you're royally screwed. Here's what to watch out for, specifically, when you apply for a new credit card.


Once I finally paid off my debt and generally got my financial life in order, I was ready to start investing. Everything I read told me to check out index funds, so I did. Sure enough, they're pretty awesome tool with a handful of advantages for new and seasoned investors.