Eight Life-Changing Beer Hacks [Infographic]

The weather is starting to heat up, which means beer-fueled barbecues will soon be back in vogue. This infographic contains eight clever beer tricks that solve common problems: from packing a bar fridge with the aid of bulldog clips to crafting a makeshift bottle opener out of paper.

Beer picture from Shutterstock

The below infographic comes from the flower-delivery service Serenata Flowers. We're not sure what this has to do with beer. Perhaps their deliverable flora includes wheat, barley and hops?

In any event, some of the tricks outlined below are actually pretty innovative. We especially like the idea of making ice cubes out of beer to keep your drink cold without dilution. The paper bottle opener is equally clever — we can't wait to break that one out the next time a bottle opener goes missing at a party: instant hero!

[Via Serenata Flowers]


    Cool beer in 2 mins by putting it in a bowl of ice water... If you have ice.

      Add salt and stir. Will cool it a lot quicker than just ice and water.

    Alternatively, don't drink terrible beer that requires it to be ice cold to hide how horrible it tastes.

      Don't know why you got downvoted. Looks like all of these 'hacks' are for shitty beer.

      Pumpkin keg? Seriously?

      100% agree...

    No.2 is very wrong. Don't store a beer bottle on its side ever. Always have it upright as it can react with the lid.

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