Which Country Has The Cheapest Beer In The World? [Infographic]

Which Country Has The Cheapest Beer In The World? [Infographic]

Most people enjoy indulging in an icy cold beer while travelling abroad: it’s the perfect end to a long day of sightseeing. Unfortunately, this can cause your holiday budget to shrink at an alarming rate (especially if you’re a drunken yobbo.) This infographic reveals the average price of beer around the world. Depending on where you travel, you could spending 13 times more for the same amount of beer.

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The below infographic was created by FinancesOnline, based on the average price of beer around the world.

Beer can be dirt cheap in some corners of the planet. If you’re traveling and you enjoy a couple bottles of beer (and some more) after a day’s tour, our infographic will help you find the country where you can get really cheap “vitamin D shots”.

Unsurprisingly, Australia was the eighth most priciest nation for beer, with the average price sitting at $4.45. Vietnam and Ukraine were the cheapest, with beer costing a mere 59 cents per bottle. The most expensive prices were found in Iran, where the average price was $7.71.

You can check out how the rest of the world fared below:



  • Don’ see India or Japan mentioned. Japan is good holiday destination for Aussies and also a lot cheaper (on everything, not just beer). India is crazy-cheap on beer too – 50c for the best bottle of 1L beer they had.

  • The scale bars on the number of beers drunk per person makes absolutely no sense. Czech is ahead of Australia buy 100 bottles yet its a 2 bottle difference, this dosn’t properly represent the 33% difference between the two. Also USA drinks just over half of the Czech amount, but the length of the Czech bar is more then double the USA’s.

    I know this doesn’t really matter but it erks me a lot when people cant report data in a consistent and accurate manner. The spending one is also stupidly done.

  • Wow – 37M barrels of Bud Light. It’s really terrible – water has more taste.

  • The Philippines has some great range and very cheap local beers.
    Hell, I was even buying VBs over there for cheaper than I can in bars in Sydney.

  • Somewhat surprised to see Saudi Arabia in the mix … even more so that the listing in the “cheapest” section was for domestic beer!

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