Open A Beer Bottle With A Stapler

If you have the occasional beer at work and don't have a bottle opener handy you can you your trusty stapler. Instructables user ivan_stephens notes that the steel carrier on a standard desktop stapler has a notch that works well as a bottle opener.

Note that the Instructables author mentioned that this tip works specifically for his Swingline stapler. I have a Swingline myself so I can't say with certainty if this method works with other brands of stapler.

Opening a Coke or Beer with a standard Swingline stapler [Instructables]


    You can open beer bottles with almost anything with a hard edge.

    You can even open a beer bottle with another beer bottle.

      Yep, I regularly use computer power cables, tea spoons, door knobs and more to open beer bottles.

    Just use the edge of a bench you dont mind damaging.

    There is many a motel whose bench has borne the brunt of a beer bottle I needed to open. They didn't supply an opener so I feel no guilt.

    Who's going to have a stapler on hand and not a bottle opener? An accountant?
    My Marbig and Radiant staplers don't have that notch in them.
    Best solution: Drink a beer that provides a twist top. A pop top is so last century.

    I use my cigarette lighter

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