What Will 2025 Look Like?

What Will 2025 Look Like?

This is the year Marty McFly travelled to in the second Back to the Future movie. And it’s clear director Robert Zemeckis’ vision of 2015 was not very accurate. A panel discussion at Cisco Live tried to look forward just ten years to imagine what the Internet of Everything would be like in 2025

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Kate O’Keeffe, the leader of Cisco’s Hyperinnovation Living Labs, made the following prediction.

In 2025 large corporations will no longer be “humbled” by startups when it comes to innovation… The last 10 years in particular have been the era of startups driven by design centricity and agility… The era of big data will create barriers to entry when it comes to what matters most to consumers – hyper personalization.

Given the massive focus on start-ups over recent years, that’s an interesting call.

What do you think? Is the era of start-ups as the hub of innovation going to fade because of the high cost of entry? Or will small companies that are prepared to take risks going to continue to drive innovation?

Disclaimer: Anthony Caruana travelled to Cisco Live in San Diego as a guest of Cisco.


  • Genuine new ideas died a while ago. Getting an existing technology and combining it with another existing technology is the in thing.
    I think we are in a technological flat spot at the moment where there are no new ideas because it’s all been done. Sorry an oven with WiFi doesn’t cut it for me.
    Until newer technology arises a big revolution in technology. Quantum computing, nanotechnology. What ever, the rehashed ideas will continue.
    And does anyone make a start up to drive some new technology now and be the next it guy or do you make a start up and wait to be bought out for a get rich quick scheme.

    Start up, sell in, cash out, bro down – Southpark.

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