The Future For Audiences: Biofeedback

The Future For Audiences: Biofeedback

During a session at Cisco Live a few hours ago, I was wired up with a device that measured, using electrical impendence, my reactions to various speakers. By monitoring the changes in the composition and volume of my perspiration they could tell which speakers were more engaging.

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There are so many applications for this kind of technology. Of course, it will need to become far less cumbersome than the rig I wore which had a bulky wrist module, two connections to my fingers and was paired with a Google Nexus tablet which collected the data that was then sent to a central server running an analysis application.

But imagine speakers at conferences, performers at shows and underperforming athletes receiving live feedback and either adjusting their performance or being thrown off stage. Or receiving a bonus when they engage an audience.

If you could set up this sort of biofeedback system, would you use your powers for good or evil?

Disclaimer: Anthony Caruana travelled to Cisco Live in San Diego as a guest of Cisco.


  • Biofeedback has been around for a long time and being used in physiotherapy for quite a while, sometimes for sensory loss so a person can visualise what it is they are doing, without having to rely on their sensation

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