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OneDrive users have been asking for a differential sync feature for the cloud storage service for some time. The feature would only sync parts of files that have been updated instead of syncing everything, which would save time and bandwidth. Microsoft has now revealed it will be introducing differential sync to OneDrive in the second quarter of this year.


If you are acquainted with the command line on Linux or Unix systems, you've probably punched in the wrong command by mistake more times than you'd care to admit. It's particularly frustrating when that mistake concerns shutting down the wrong machine, which can happen when you're SSHing into multiple virtual machines. molly-guard is a tool that prevents accidental shutdowns or reboots.


If you're looking for a career in technology and you're contemplating moving to the US for it, where you live matters, but you don't have to try to survive in Silicon Valley to find a great gig. U.S. News put together this report that highlights ten cities around the USA that are great for tech workers, if you're thinking about a change.


Google introduced its Verify Apps cloud-based service in 2012 that will check every application before installation on an Android device for added security against malware and other nasties. It has been regularly updated with new features. Now Verify Apps can remove an application without confirmation from the user if the service finds that it's purely harmful.


It has been almost 35 years since Polygram, Sony and Philips executives gathered at a German factory to get their hands on the first Compact Disc.

Now, the first batch of CDs produced are starting to fall victim to what is known as "disc rot".