Getting Started With Cisco DevNet

Getting Started With Cisco DevNet

You’d think creating software with Cisco’s DevNet would be something reserved for experienced developers. But that’s not the case. We took a look at DevNet to see how new and less experienced developers could take advantage of of it.

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The first step, as you’d expect is to join DevNet. The membership is free and it entitles you to access all sorts of resources.

Once you’re registered, you can go to the Sandbox. Cisco keeps all of its learning labs and education resources there. That includes coding 101 training, self-paced tutorials, a walk-through lab and lots of documentation. Here are also forums for posting questions.

Cisco also has a developer YouTube channel and Twitter feed where videos and talks by Cisco developers are regularly posted.

The tools are pitched at people with all sorts of different technical expertise. That covers complete novices, network engineers who are looking to add development skills to their repertoire as well as advanced developers and even channel partners.

At this stage, Cisco is in the process of creating developer certification to complement its network engineering certification. This will be made available through the existing Learning at Cisco site.

As for turning those skills into an income, Cisco is also providing resources around the business of development. Once you’ve created an application, you can get that application certified and sell it through Cisco’s Marketplace. However, that requires joining the Solution partner Program – which does attract a fee – where you get access to marketing resources and the ability to create a storefront on the Cisco Marketplace.

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Disclaimer: Anthony Caruana travelled to Cisco Live in San Diego as a guest of Cisco.