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  • PARC Drone Can Stay In The Air Indefinitely

    One of the most annoying aspects most of the drones on the market is the battery life. Just as you get into the fun, you need to either recharge or swap out the battery. The PARC (Persistent Aerial Reconnaissance and Communications) drone can stay up indefinitely, which solves that problem.

  • Developing with Cisco’s Sandbox

    Cisco is pushing its development platform very heavily at Cisco Live 2015 in San Diego. We spoke with Phil Coll, the CEO of UnifiedFX, a Glasgow-based unified comms software developer, about how it uses Cisco’s sandbox.

  • What Will 2025 Look Like?

    This is the year Marty McFly travelled to in the second Back to the Future movie. And it’s clear director Robert Zemeckis’ vision of 2015 was not very accurate. A panel discussion at Cisco Live tried to look forward just ten years to imagine what the Internet of Everything would be like in 2025

  • Why Cisco Is Recruiting From The Outside

    During a media Q and A session at Cisco Live 2015, new CEO Chuck Robbins was asked why he was looking outside the company to recruit some of his new leadership team. His answer was interesting and might give some insight as to why internal promotions aren’t as common as we’d like.