The Perfect Wine And Takeaway Pairings Revealed [Infographic]

The Perfect Wine And Takeaway Pairings Revealed [Infographic]

When most people think of wine-and-food pairings, they envision fine dining in a posh restaurant. However, there’s no reason why you can’t apply the same concept to cheap takeaway: it’s all about matching textures and flavours. This infographic lists five popular takeaway dishes and the type of wine that go best with them (separate options for reds and whites are included). Now go out and make your cheeseburger fancy!

Wine and pizza picture from Shutterstock

The below infographic comes from takeaway delivery service EatNow in conjunction with Wine Siren. It shows the wines that best compliment the flavour palate of specific fast foods including cheeseburgers, BBQ chicken and pad thai. The wine choices are specific right down to the brand, although you should be able to get similar results by focusing on the region and grape variety.

[Via EatNow]


  • Hmm, Riesling twice? I suspect that the second entry should read ‘Pinot Noir’. Good to see that it isn’t just the proof readers at lifehacker that get it a bit arse about…

    • Fair go. While we might not be perfect, our error rate stacks up pretty well compared to most online publications.

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