The Best Pizza/Wine Pairings On The Planet [Infographic]

Most Aussies prefer to crack open an ice-cold beer with their pizza, but wine is arguably a superior beverage choice — especially in winter. This infographic from food-pairing app Indian Wine List matches a handful of wine grape varieties to palate-matching pizza toppings. Make mine a Pepperoni 'n' Merlot!

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"Pizza is essentially bread and melted cheese, two things which pair very well with wines," the infographic's creators explain. "The addition of a tomato base brings in lots of acidity, which becomes the key to pairing wines. With high acidity, you want to avoid heavy tannins. Light to medium body red wines work well with most pizzas, which means you don’t need to spend too much on oaked or reserve wines."

Below are a handful of popular pairings to get you started.

Indian Wine List


    Swap Riesling for a Farmhouse Ale, Merlot for a brown ale and Sangiovese for an IPA and I totally agree!

    Or just Shiraz, with everything.

      +1. Throw in a ballsy cab sav in there for anything and everything too.

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